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Anything, Anywhere, is Possible...



At Davenports, Caterers & Event Planners, we thrive to change the catering Event scene throughout the South East with our approach to menu design & event planning

A vivid, colourful event, amongst the monochrome routine of everyday life.


From Weddings, Parties & other Events to Corporate functions & general Catering, Caro & her team are dedicated to creating memorable experiences that exceed expectation.




Game Season

Our Food

is innovative & prepared by hand from fresh, seasonal, sustainable & supporting local producers


Our Service

is professional, without pretence & based on our experiences & on old world values


Our Event Design

is distinctive & refreshing, influenced by travel, art, music, fashion & our own experiences  -Past, Present & what is yet to come, the Future


Our Event Management

is highly trusted & regarded, drawn from years of experience.  Personal & Corporate all tailored to your desires


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